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As well as all the incredible scenery that Santorini has to offer and all the things to see/do, the food itself is not too shabby. We had some of our best meals of Greece (and, I’m almost willing to say, of Europe!) in Santorini. πολύ νόστιμο! Welcome to this Allergian’s food tour of Santorini. Be prepared to eat your heart out!


We begin our journey at Pelican Kipos. We stumbled upon this restaurant by accident – and luckily we did! This was definitely our fave restaurant of Greece and is in close competition to Trattoria Za Za’s in Firenze. Firstly, for the ambiance – this place has a lovely courtyard, outdoor area, full of trees and greenery (you’ll feel a bit like you are on a tropical island). But, more importantly (because really all we care about is the food, right?), the food was outstanding!! I ordered roasted lamb with potatoes and vegetables, served in a ceramic pot. I received a massive piece of lamb, which was so deliciously soft and juicy. This was, forks down, the best lamb I’ve ever tasted. We just had to go back a second time, so that the BF could enjoy it too. It is a bit on the pricier side (by Greece standards), but oh so worth it.

Pelican Kipos (2).JPGPelican kipos.JPG

We also went to Pelican Kipos for breakfast one morning, as we just HAD to try the waffles which we spotted the night before (and waffles are my weakness). These waffles were thick delicious waffles, which we loved! Pelican Kipos also has every type of breakfast combo imaginable!


The next stop on our ‘great restaurants in Santorini’ tour is Nikolas. Our hotel recommended this restaurant to us and, upon arriving to a long queue out the door, we knew we had to wait. We were told it would be about a 25-minute wait, but luckily we were called after only a few minutes. We were served by the owner (let’s call him Nik). Nik was really helpful and was particularly great with my allergies. He told me a story about an Allergian who had eaten at his restaurant (without informing them of her allergies) and had an allergic reaction in his restaurant! Because of this, Nik was so petrified of this happening again that he took extra care with me. He ran me through the menu and oversaw the cooking of my meal. I ordered the roast chicken with potatoes and carrot in a lemon sauce, which was really delicious.


Finally, we had a great gyro at Nick the Grill [a different Nick to the one above], which is rated the best gyro in Fira town. This was actually one of the few places I found in Greece that served lamb gyros. This came as a huge surprise to me, because I would have expected lamb to be the basic meat there. It was great!


Our hotel also recommended we have breakfast at Mama’s House. We went there one morning and, whilst “Mama” was hilariously joking around with us, the service was far too slow. It was, however, very entertaining watching one waiter literally running from table to table to save time (I can’t say that I’ve ever seen this before).


I also treated myself (cheating on my lactose intolerance) to a frozen Greek yoghurt at Chillbox. This was one of those places where you choose your toppings, but this was a bit more Allergian-friendly in that the store puts all the toppings on for you (rather than a DIY Allergians’-worst-nightmare sort of a situation). So I had a box of frozen Greek yoghurt, both vanilla and natural flavours (I’m a rager) and it was too good!


One thing to try in Santorini (or in Greece more generally) is the Greek coffee. The BF tried this at Pelican Kipos with our waffles and, apart from the fact that he did not drink it properly (I didn’t know you could drink something ‘incorrectly’ but basically he ate the ground coffee that was at the bottom of the cup), he would definitely recommend coffee lovers give it a try.


As previously mentioned in my post Meat Me Halfway, allergies didn’t seem to be particularly common in Greece and there was a bit more of a blasé attitude towards allergies than I experienced in other countries. But at proper restaurants (as opposed to casual gyro takeaway style places), waiters always dealt with it appropriately and, due to the nature of the foods I ordered, I never felt unsafe or unsure about what I was eating.


We didn’t eat at all in Oia Town, but there were heaps of nice looking restaurants lining the streets (with amazing views). You will also find plenty of restaurants through the weaving streets of Fira Town, particularly on Erythrou Stavrou (where Nikolas is).


One thing to note is that there wasn’t an abundance of restaurants serving other cuisines (or maybe that was just because I had my Greek food goggles on). Therefore, if you can’t or don’t eat meat/fish, it is probably worth doing your research first as to restaurants you can go! Pelican Kipos, for example, has a very extensive menu.


We hope you enjoyed our food tour today. Thanks for stopping by! The next stop on my Eurotrip was Athens!


Until next time…


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