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Paraga Beach

Unfortunately, our days in Italy had come to an end. Whilst I was most definitely not over the carb-licious food that is Italy, I was ready and excited for our next adventure: The Greek Islands.

It was time for some beach, bathers, palm trees, sun tanning, cheap cheap food, donkey riding, parties, relaxation, beautiful scenery and a much slower-paced day.

It was all I could have ever wished for. Our first stop was the beach clad, party-island of Mykonos. I think Mykonos is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited on earth (second maybe to Phi Phi Island). I love the contrast of the dry land with the clear blue water, with the stunningly Greek white buildings spotted throughout. Beauty aside, I love the culture of Greece: the exciting pandemonium, the laid back culture, the friendliness of locals, the amaaazing food and the carefree and free-spirited attitude.

We stayed at Zephyros Hotel in Paraga Beach. This is a perfect location for those who want to be near the fabulous Paradise Beach, but want to stay somewhere a little bit nicer. Paraga Beach is the next beach over and is a max. 5 minute walk away from Paradise Beach: complete with THE most beautiful scenery. You climb a hill, surrounded by the dry, brown splattered land that is Mykonos and BAM you land in Paradise [see image below]. Paraga Beach is also a lovely beautiful little beach (including nudist sunbathers, if that’s your thang), and has a bus that goes straight into Mykonos town (where you’ll usually want to go for dinners, bars, shopping etc).


The view of Paradise Beach on the walk from Paraga Beach

The staff at Zephyros Hotel were beyond lovely. It also has the most stunning breakfast spot you can ever imagine (alongside a yummy buffet breakfast).


The breakfast spot at Zephyros Hotel

Mykonos is an awesome place. The BF and I spent 3 nights there (and met some of our friends there). Our days pretty much consisted of the following: sleep in, aforementioned stunning breakfast, drag ourselves to the beach (either Paraga or Paradise), set ourselves up on a beach chair (for about $5-$10 a day) and laze until the sun goes down. After this, we went back to the hotel room for a relax (it’s tiring lying around all day!) and to shower and get ready for the evening. We would then head into town, where we would have a delicious dinner and wander around the shops. When it got to a decent hour, we would go to a bar for some cheap cocktails and, eventually, make our way to Paradise Beach for the night’s events, strolling back home in the wee hours of the morning.

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat; basically.


Paradise Beach, Mykonos


Paradise Beach club

But don’t worry – if partying isn’t your thang, Mykonos is most definitely still worth a visit for the food, culture and beauty.

Stay tuned to hear all about our food-ventures in Mykonos, which were definitely a highlight of the trip!

Until next time… τα λέμε