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In my previous post, I shared my advice about what to do in Sorrento and surrounding areas – the must-dos and must-sees. Given this is a food blog, I should probably talk about food. I have just a few words to say about nuts and food in Sorrento. Generally it was quite uneventful, given Italian food is pretty easy for me.

Firstly, please note that in Sorrento almost all the restaurants/bars give peanuts on each table when drinks are ordered. This is just a standard snack over there, so walking down the main strip of restaurants looking for a place to eat was a bit worrying. I didn’t really want to eat at a place that had peanuts served all around the place. Sitting at a bar with other people eating peanuts around you is one thing, but eating there is a whole other story. But don’t worry too much – you will be able to find some places that have no peanuts served. I ate at a great restaurant, Song’e Napule (on Corso Italia – the main road) which didn’t serve peanuts. The BF and I shared a delicious gnocci and veal escalope there.

On the one night, after rejecting most places due to the peanut snacks, we decided on a restaurant called Syrenuse Bar Ristorante. It appeared from the outside that most people were eating rather than drinking, but I did spot a few tables with peanuts. I asked the waiters if they wouldn’t mind changing the tablecloth and cutlery for me, just to be extra careful. It was a fancy-ish restaurant compared to most of the others.

I chose to order the veal escalope with a side of roast potatoes. I asked the waiter about peanuts, who advised me that they ordinarily fry the veal escalope in peanut oil (and similarly for lots of their cooking), but said he would ensure they use a different oil for me. He could see I was nervous, but he reassured me that they would be careful. I said OK, but then as soon as he had walked away, got a bit worried that maybe this wasn’t good enough. So we called him over again with the intention of leaving to go back to Song’e Napule. He said that was fine, but again reassured me that they would be really careful, and would cook it in the oven with no oil, instead of frying it. In seeing how seriously he was taking it, I decided it would be fine and agreed to eat there.

When my food came out, he again reassured me AND even went one step further. He brought me out some anti-histamines. It was hilarious. I told him that anti-histamines wouldn’t really help, as my reaction could be much too serious for anti-histamines. He understood, but thought it will still better that I had them there (they were really strong anti-histamines) than didn’t have anything. It was very nice of him, and pretty funny! He also told me to be careful because lots of the restaurants in Sorrento cook with peanut oil.

Eating was fine in Pompeii and Capri. In Capri, we found a place in the main area where we had some (pretty average) gnocci. When we visited Pompeii, we had lunch just outside the entrance. There isn’t much in the area except for about 3 restaurants in a row. I had spaghetti aglio e olio and it was very yum!


If you are ever stuck for food, there is always the safe option of Queen’s Chips Amsterdam where you can order a massive cone of hot chips with the sauce of your choice. And there are no nuts in any of the sauces! Win!! They are delicious, especially with the sauce drizzling everywhere. YU-UM!



And that’s about it for my time in Sorrento. It was short and quick, but definitely worth the visit!