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In all of my Eurotrip travels, I found Spain to be the most difficult in terms of finding traditional Spanish dishes that accommodated for all of my dietary requirements. But unlike the usual scenario for me, it wasn’t difficult due to nuts! What a nice change for me! In Valencia especially, I dedicated a lot of time (perhaps too much.. guilty as charged) on a food scavenger hunt [it probably would have been quicker to cook it myself].

The Spanish love their seafood. So for those allergic or unable to eat seafood, it can be harder to find typical Spanish dishes. Most paella, tapas and pintxos contain seafood in one form or another. BUT this isn’t to say you will be left “starvatious” (as we call it in my family) – there is an array of typical “American” seafood-free food. Somehow I ended up having 4 burgers in the space of 2 days in San Sebastian…Cultured? Tick. You may just miss out on experiencing some awesome authentic Spanish food.

However, I went to Barcelona, Valencia and San Sebastian, which of course are all coastal cities. I also went to Ibiza, but let’s be frank – who really cares about the food in Ibiza? I would love to hear from any readers who have been to some other Spanish cities, in particular, Madrid!