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The first stop on our Eurotrip was hot, sweaty and summery Spain – think a 40+ degree, 5-hour siesta, peak-of-summer kind of a summer. We were travelling around Spain for just over 2 weeks – from busy Barcelona to small-but-oh-so-amazing Valencia to hectic Ibiza to festival-mania San Sebastian during Semana Grande. The streets of Spain in August were buzzing with tourists from around the world, largely Spanish-speaking. The extent of my Spanish language skills included the word “ola”, “gracias” and some naughty sentence that a Spanish-speaking friend repeatedly exclaimed in high school. Luckily, I was armed with a life-saving flash card explaining my nut allergy in Spanish [see my previous post here] and my trusty Spanish translation book. Normally, I am not the most experimental of eaters. With most Asian cuisines a no-go for me, I’m not the most exciting dinner date. Mexican food is a personal fave of mine, so extrapolating that Spanish food would be quite similar and given that Spain has such a unique cuisine (and a cuisine that there isn’t a whole lot of in Australia), I had been excitedly throwing around words like “paella”, “tapas” and “pintxos” for weeks [and sangria, of course]. Or at least my version of these difficult-to-pronounce words (“pa-ye-ya”… “pin-chos”). Luckily sangria is easy to pronounce!

Let me start by saying I LOVE paella [and did I mention I love sangria?]. I hadn’t really ever had paella before going to Spain but I was determined to eat paella as often as I could. Tapas and pintxos however, were mostly disappointing for me as an Allergian.

Stay tuned for posts about my experiences eating paella, tapas and pintxos, and some other interesting Spanish food-related experiences (including some sneaky nut discoveries)!